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student development Section

Mission: To make available equitable and effective  

support: prevention and intervention services that elevate the educational, social, emotional, psychological, spiritual needs of all persons requiring our services. 

General Objectives:-To ensure that all students in The Bahamas  

-have equal access to the services and support provided by the Student Development  Section.  


-To facilitate student learning and development so that they may become productive and contributing citizens of The Bahamas. 


-To implement holistic programmes / plans whereby students can benefit from the educational system through adaptation and modification of curricula in an inclusive environment. 


-To furnish the appropriate assessment tools in order to identify students needing services rendered by technical officers. 


Student Development Section exists to advocate for the needs of all students within the educational systems, under the premise of providing support. We recognize that all students are AT-RISK (general school population K-12) and therefore require preventative and intervention initiatives at school level. 


While some students are HIGH RISK (observed negative behaviour and academic challenges) or PROVEN RISK (proven high risk behaviour / criminal activity / charged before the court) and require intervention and corrective approaches at an alternative site. Programme SURE, TAPS, PACE, THE HAVEN, GENESIS ACADEMY, SIMPSON PENN/WILLIEMAE PRATT CO-EDUCATIONAL UNIT, and Suspension Centres are currently being utilized to address the needs of High Risk and Proven Risk students.The Section aims to collaborate with other stakeholders such as parents/guardians, teachers, center managers, and other related agencies to ensure students are performing to their maximum potential. 





TAPS is designed for adolescent females who are unable to adjust to life in a regular learning environment. Students who were enrolled during the previous 2019/2020 school year, have been redirected to the schools from which they had been referred. 


PACE addresses the needs of adolescent mothers. Once a case is identified and investigated, enrolment takes place. Students are enrolled to the point where the teenage mother delivers. At present, there are no students presently enrolled at PACE because all mothers have delivered and have subsequently been redirected to a conventional school. There is no set time for students to be enlisted at this school. Four teachers are assigned to this program. These teachers are prepared to provide the academic support required of each student. 

Willamae Pratt/ Simpson Penn

Willamae Pratt/ Simpson Penn is a facility that caters to juveniles who have encountered difficulties with the legal system. The Justice System directs these young persons to the center where they serve their sentence. At present, there are twenty four students. Their length of stay is determined by their age or the sentence imposed by the courts. Nine teachers are assigned to this facility as well as three support staff. 

Programme SURE

 is exclusively designed for adolescent males. At present, there are sixteen students enrolled. Six teachers meet the academic needs of this population while two counsellors provide psycho-social support 



The North Eastern Pastors Alliance has partnered with the Ministry of Education to provide guided supervision for students who are suspended from school. There are eight centres operating on the island of New Providence with an affiliate on Harbour Island. This type of support is needed for increased expansion to other Family Islands. 

Each Suspension Centre is managed by an administrator and an assistant administrator. These persons provide counselling for students in addition to additional help for parents who are having a difficult time managing their teenagers. Where necessary, referrals are made to other agencies.


This initiative is a collaboration between the Ministry of Education and BTVI. Students who are enrolled in this program are provided the opportunity to develop skills that will afford them the opportunity to join the work force upon completion. It is a skills based program that focuses on students between the ages of 16 and 18 years. 


A weekly Parenting Session is organized for parents whose children have been suspended from school. Various individuals from the wider community are called upon to share their expertise. 


To inspire, guide, motivate and encourage students to reach their full potentials



Mentees will be transformed into making positive career, and life choices, shaping a brighter future through mentors who supports, their academic, social, spiritual and emotional growth

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